Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Education Center | Vail, Colorado

The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Education Center, was recently constructed in Vail, Colorado, and features a visitor learning experience with displays of the alpine environment, traveling exhibits from other gardens, activity stations and videos. It will serve as a home to manage the gardens and to provide a year-round educational experience for visitors. The building is designed to take advantage of it’s location in Ford Park with a passive solar design, a green roof and is built into the hillside, creating an additional layer of thermal mass insulation.

  • Square Feet

    3,264 sq ft

  • Unique & Sustainable Features

    Green Roof | Green House | Passive Solar Design

"I can only image the early season winter conditions that moved in suddenly in the early stages of construction would have likely hampered some of the process. I would have been really concerned had I not been a part of the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater Phase 2 and saw firsthand how R.A. Nelson dealt with winter work and were able to complete the effort. It was truly remarkable, and I have great respect and appreciation with how the whole team pulled together."
- Pedro Campos, Zehren & Associates